Business Alliance for Secure Commerce

It is a program created to promote a safe international trade. It is voluntary, and its primary objective is to promote among its members the development and execution of preventive actions aimed at preventing the smuggling of merchandise, narcotics and terrorism through legitimate trade.

Contact: 0241-8341920


Certified since 2005

Benefits for BASC CERTIFIED companies

  • Direct and permanent contact with national and international agencies and authorities that cooperate with the program.
  • Encourage commerce in a safe way.
  • Increases and maintains international markets, facilitating the entry of national products to other countries.
  • Strengthen international credibility.
  • Encourage international cooperation by reducing the risk that licit charges are used for illicit activities.
  • Optimize the processes and operations of the foreign trade logistics chain.
  • Encourage a safe work environment.
  • Promote the normalization and standardization of procedures in the export logistics chain.
  • Stimulate productivity with security. Reduce the risk of loss and/or contamination of licit cargo.
  • Tool to protect assets and operations of the company.
  • Protect global brands and corporate images.